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How Birla open minds Srinagar deal with a child who is unable to meet the academic expectation or is a below average child?

1.After every term ends, we review the performance of each student. We conduct remedial classes for students who need support and monitor their performance until after the next set of exams.

2.We also check if these students have extraordinary abilities/interest in sports, music etc. If so,

3.we encourage them and provide a conducive environment for them to progress in that field.

Birla open minds international school Srinagar have a separate resource room in case of Medical Emergency? How are medical issues tackled?

There is a well-equipped Infirmary in the building with a nurse to attend to any emergency and give First Aid. The school has also tied-up with nearby hospital for any major injuries.

How can parents be connected to the school? Or how approachable is your school to the parent?

1.Through Birla open minds Srinagar Parent App

Using the birla open minds international school Srinagar parent App - Mobile and Desktop, parents and children can access the attendance, announcements, syllabus, homework, assignment, projects, exam and test datasheets. Parents also receive an SMS in case the child is absent in the school. Parents can interact with the teacher and vice versa to be aware of the child's academic performance.

2. Through Social Media:

Parents can like their child’s School’s Facebook page and follow them for regular updates.

3. Through personal meeting:

Parents can visit the school and meet the class teacher/subject teacher or principal on designated date and time. . PTM (Parent Teacher Meeting): After every term end, parents are encouraged to visit the school and review their child’s performance with the class teacher and section head.

How Birla will extracurricular activities help ur child?

We encourage participation of students in extracurricular activities to give every child an opportunity to develop inherent skills and exhibit their non-academic abilities.

Participation in extracurricular activities helps develop:
  • Confidence of the student
  • Communication & oratory skills
  • Team Spirit
  • Leadership Skills
  • Physical Fitness
  • Will help to identify the talent or skill of an individual
What are our safety policies and regulations followed by the school?

The birla open minds international school Srinagar at all times gives first priority to the safety, health and hygiene of the students and ensures a system of emergency preparedness.

CCTV cameras are installed to keep a check & cover the entire premises Emergency Evacuation drills / Fire drills are conducted at a regular interval. The maintenance staff conduct general building upkeep and are responsible for periodic inspections of fire safety equipment. Fire exits are prominently displayed and explained to the students and staff during the drills.

The school strives to increase awareness of risks, prevent injuries, address unsafe or unhealthy conditions, and assist and advocate for staff dealing with any building environmental issues by organizing workshops for students and parents.

Frequent workshops are conducted in the schools which motivate students to follow hygiene and health care in their routines. Additionally, regular interactions are organized with doctors, dentists etc. to promote awareness & healthy habits.

The entry to the school is manned by guards at all times. Entry & exit of all visitors is recorded.

There are lady guards appointed at all the toilet doors on all floors. They are vigilant to all student movement in & out of the washrooms. In addition to this, there are lady guards present on all floors on corridor duties looking into & supervising student movement in the corridors.

ID Cards are issued to all students. Parent ID cards & Escort cards have also been issued for additional security.