Special Features

Good infrastructure with air-conditioned classrooms.

Limited seats ensuring that trainees get individual attention. Support, personal guidance and immediate feedback from our expert faculty members. Intensive practical training and hands on experience at our well established schools. Workshops on varied topics like storytelling, art techniques, rhymes, etc.

Curriculum for Early Childhood Teacher Education Course

We provide a well- balanced curriculum comprising the following: Theory, Practicals, Projects, Workshops.


Paper I- Principle of Early Childhood Education

This paper will provide an overview of the field of Early Childhood Education with an emphasis on quality care & learning. Trainees will examine historical perspectives, theories of curriculum & the different approaches to preschool education.

Paper II- Child Development

The paper will provide an understanding of development principles from conception to six years of age. Trainees will learn to identify and promote children's development major milestones within the area of physical, motor, social, personal , emotional, cognitive, language & moral development.

Paper III- Methods & Materials for Working with Young Children

This paper will explore the various techniques of working with children. It will enable trainees to design and implement programs and curriculum to meet the development needs of children.

Paper IV- Health & Nutrition of Preschoolers

This paper explores holistic health and wellness principles to support children's development. Emphasis is placed on strategies to promote children's understanding of good health and nutritional habits.

Paper V - Issues & Concerns Related to Early Childhood Education

The paper aims at creating awareness about the various issues faced by both normal children and children with special needs. It will enable the trainees to understand the process of bringing about positive change in the lives of children.

Practical Training/Internship

The ECTE trainees will get an opportunity to complete one year of intensive practical training/internship at Birla open minds . This will provide them with valuable hands on experience of working with preschoolers in a live classroom. This will also enhance their knowledge of pre-school management and set-up. It improves the teaching skills of our early childhood teacher training trainees and prepares them for interviews and demos.


We also conduct several workshops for our ECCE trainees on topics like curriculum planning, music and movement, art and craft, story telling, yoga, projects etc to acquaint and equip them to face the challenges in the field of pre-school teaching.